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All-Natural Blend for Energy, Digestion & Mood

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A groundbreaking blend of 30 polyphenol-loaded ingredients formulated to support smoother digestion, boost energy, and create a lasting feeling of rejuvenated wellbeing.

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Dr. Dhruv Gandhi explains the science behind his new formula.

How it works

The ingredients found in Rejuvenated Energy have been shown to support and enhance your body’s natural functions.7,8,9,10 The 4 powerful ingredient blends included in the formula work together to help provide all-around health support for your body and mind.

Component #1: Natural Polyphenol Blend

Sinetrol® is a patented blend of polyphenols extracted from a variety of citrus fruits, including red orange, grapefruit, and sweet orange. It also contains guarana seed extract from the Brazilian Amazon. These powerful compounds have been linked to a wide range of health benefits, including less fatigue,11 smoother digestion,12 and maintained healthy heart function.13

Blood Oranges

These crimson colored fruits are loaded with health essentials like vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. More than that, blood oranges contain anthocyanins14 — which give this fruit its iconic dark color as well as a boost of antiviral benefits.15

Sweet Valencia Oranges

Sweet Oranges are loaded with dietary fibers that improve digestion, provide vitamins A & B, and give off high doses of calcium, copper, and potassium.16


Grapefruit has been shown to suppress appetite17 and stimulate fat burning in cells.18 Itʼs also a major influencer in stimulating the production of gastric juices, providing easier and smoother digestion.19

Guarana Berries

Although the entire fruit looks beautifully red and edible, only the seed of the Guarana Berry is used because of its focus boosting and high antioxidant contents.20

Component #2: Full Antioxidant Blend

Spectra® is a blend of natural fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which has been shown to increase cellular oxygen consumption through antioxidants. Antioxidants are linked to an increase in a compound called Nitric Oxide, which when entering the body shows improvement in blood flow, circulation, focus, and even mood.21








Component #3: Enhanced Probiotic Blend

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help balance your digestive system. They can help restore your gut microbiome to a recommended balance of 80% “good” bacteria and 20% “bad” bacteria. Probiotics have also been shown to help boost energy and improve sleep.22

Good Bacteria

It helps you absorb the nutrients from your food and maintain a healthy stomach.23

Acacia Fiber

Harvested from the bark found inside of Acacia Tree branches, this fiber can help boost the health of your digestive tract by reducing cravings.24

Component #4: Energizing Tea Blend

Green tea leaves contain a natural polyphenol compound called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). One of the benefits of EGCG is to help increase fat oxidation and nourish your “good” gut bacteria, which can boost energy.25

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea has been known to boost metabolism,26 burn fat stores in the body,27 and spread antioxidants all throughout the body.28 The catechins found in Green Tea also have been known to directly lower the count of bad bacteria in the body.29

Black Tea Extract

Black Tea goes through an extra fermentation step that makes it “black”. It is during this process that the black tea creates complex flavonoids that is different from green tea and increase your body’s “good” gut bacteria.30

Rejuvenated Energy™ is made of only natural and safe ingredients.

The formula has been tested for quality and purity at a 3rd-party facility. Each and every batch is made in an FDA-compliant and cGMP certified US laboratory.

No sugar

No gluten-containing ingredients

No fillers

No artificial sweeteners

Suggested use:

Take one scoop of Rejuvenated Energy with 8-12 oz of water in the morning and again later in the day, both preferably with food (total of 2 scoops per day).

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